Welcome to the 3 yrs to 1st Grade Classroom 

Meet Mrs. Ashley Swain

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Ashley Swain Loves to teach, and is a 6th Grade teacher by profession. She is a wife and mother of 3. Her birthday is October 16th 1979, and some of her favorite things are family, of course, teaching, coffee and the Joy that the Lord gives her. Additionally she hopes to learn sign language . 

Meet Mrs. Dana Plummer

Mrs. Dana Plummer had been first called by God to teach for him in the public  school system in the spring of 1981. Dana has been married to John Plummer since 1980 and together they have 1 son. Now that she's retired from teaching in public schools one of her favorite things to do is spending time with her family. Mrs. Plummer was born September 14th 1954, but was born again in 1977. Some of her other favorite things include reading her Bible daily, helping others, praying for others, watching t.v., cooking and exercising.  Also, Mrs. Dana hopes to invent things for God in the future. 

We have exciting news - our classroom page is new and in the future we will be including more information about the curriculum and projects that the kids are working on. Please visit us again in the near future to see our up dates!

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