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Middle and High school Youth Group!

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Welcome to our Youth group!!

We strive to teach the kids more and more about the love of Jesus and all that he does for us! In such an impressionable age we want the kids to know that even when they are down on confidence, being teased at school or just struggling with all the things happening in life, JESUS always loves them and He is always there to see them through every obstacle!

Events, Service and Fun!

Every month we get together at least 2 separate times, outside of normal church activities. The first Sunday of every month we have a Youth night. At this event we do things from bible studies and board games, to science actives and celebrations. We will always have something for them to eat at these events, ie. snacks, meals or desserts.

The second event of the month can be a range of things! It will either be some type of service, such as in January we are doing clean up of the church grounds and surrounding area! We've also done things like going to Main Event, Axe Throwing, and an escape room! 

Every summer we go to camp for 3-5 days depending on the camp and year! Once every 4 to 5 years we like to go on a big, celebratory trip like to an amusement park or some other ideas that the kids have.

We strive to have a balance of studying the word, Fun and Serving others. What good is one with out the other!

Functions organized by the youth

We have 3 functions we will do every year as service to the church, and a small out reach within the Youth.

Valentine's Dinner

Two Movie nights,

Fall and Spring!!

Meet the leaders

William and Cara Hunt



You can always reach out with any questions on our social media pages or click here to send us an email!

Here is our 2023-2024 Calendar of events

I apologize that it is so small. you should be able to zoom in!

Youth calendar.png
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