Welcome to the 6th through 8th Grade Classroom

God is good

on his promises

Meet Mrs. Nikki Ramirez

Mrs. Nikki loves Jesus and she chose to become a Sunday School teacher to share His love for us with others, specifically with kids because she is a big kid at heart. She was born August 4th 1987 and has an 11 year old daughter in the 7th grade with her husband. Nikki has traveled as far as Costa Rica to teach kids about Jesus, and would love to go on another mission trip in the future. Her aspirations include going back to school and to start going to the gym again. Some of her favorite things to do are to spend time with family and friends, drinking lots of coffee and eating dark chocolate!

We have exciting news - our classroom page is new and in the future we will be including more information about the curriculum and projects that the kids are working on. Please visit us again in the near future to see our up dates!

More to come....

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