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Welcome to the 6th through 8th Grade Classroom

God is good

on his promises

We look Forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Our Class has combined with the High school class! You'll find us just across the hall!

At home activities...

We hope that our middle schoolers seek to know Christ outside of the classroom, below are additional daily devotionals for each week during the winter quarter, to grow in their faith at home. 

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Meet Mrs. Cathryn Tacke

Mrs. Cathryn is an angel, she is so kind-hearted and would do just about anything for the kids at our church. She is our childrens church leader as well as our VBS coordinator every year. Not only is she dedicated to the children of our church but she is a loving wife and mother to three wonderful children of her own. Cathryn has served our church since she was a youth group teenager herself, and we are so blessed to have her.

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