Welcome to the Youth Classroom

(9th - 12th Grade)

Meet Kim & Ginger Jordan and William & Cara Hunt

Kim and Ginger are a joy to be around (pictured in the red circle), and the kids love them! Mr. Kim is also a Deacon of the church. Recently the kids had a salsa fundraiser for their upcoming youth camping trip. Another activity they did this year was the New Year's Eve "lock-in" at the church.  William and Cara are the assisting  youth leaders (pictured in the yellow circles) who also actively participate in the activities. Our youth leaders are a blessing and we look forward to watching our youth grow in their relationship with Christ because of their love and dedication to the kids. 

Upcoming Events
  • July 22nd through the 25th youth goes to camp
  • Helping older members of the church

We look Forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Register for class online here:


Register for class online here:

Sunday School Registration

More to come....

We have exciting news - our classroom page is new and in the future we will be including more information about the curriculum and projects that the kids are working on. Please visit us again in the near future to see our updates!