Welcome to the Youth Classroom

(9th - 12th Grade)

Meet  William & Cara Hunt, & Kim & Ginger Jordan

 William and Cara Hunt are the new Highschool Sunday School Teachers  (pictured in the yellow circles) who have also actively participated in the youth group activities. Our youth group leaders, Kim and Ginger Jordan are circled in red, all of our leaders are such a blessing  to have and we look forward to watching our youth grow in their relationship with Christ because of their love and dedication to the kids. 

We look Forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Can't make it on Sunday Mornings?...

Recently it was voted to make a separate Youth Group aside  from Sunday School class, and there will be more information to come in the near future regarding a schedule for meeting dates and times along with other activities. If you're interested in our Youth group please reach out to Kim or Ginger Jordan for more information. 

At Home Activities....

Understandably high schoolers have a packed schedule filled with school, work, friends, and clubs however, we need to make sure that we equip our youth with a strong biblical foundation to help them to navigate through this life. We need to express how important it is for them to make time to spend with Christ in order to develop a personal relationship with him. The below activities are for kids to stay spiritually connected throughout the days and weeks to come this Winter. The below attachments are the weekly devotionals complementing the Sunday School lesson for that week, along with the Sunday school lesson ( in the blueprint magazine) if they missed the lesson for that week. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to either Cara or William.